Our commitments:


1. People-powered independence

By putting people at the heart of our financing as patrons, we guarantee INSURGE intelligence’s total independence from dubious external financial or ideological pressures. If patrons don’t like our coverage, they can communicate with us their criticisms, and if they’re not satisfied, they can unsubscribe. Special interests won’t pull our strings. You will.


2. Adversarial, interdisciplinary, multimedia investigations

Our job is not to relay ‘the news’: it’s to investigate power, to empower the public. That means embarking on original in-depth investigations that dig deep and which others aren’t covering; going between and beyond the headlines, critically examining establishment narratives, joining the dots across multiple issues and stories, and developing innovative digital tools to communicate our journalism to a range of audiences.


3. Visionary advocacy

We will campaign for justice and we will advocate for the marginalized, to help create social change and to empower you with the information you need to become change-makers in your own contexts. That means, we’re not just covering ‘the bad news’ — you’ll find us on the frontlines of the revolution, covering real-world solutions to our global challenges proposed and enacted by practitioners, activists and communities everywhere.


4. Participatory story-making

Our stories won’t just be static, isolated fixed ‘news items.’ Just as the real-world is full of change and complexity, we will be open and responsive to critique, and will create overlapping and evolving stories that chart the interconnections between global and local challenges, between planetary meltdown, state-corporate militarism, and struggles for changes. We will communicate with our patrons regularly, listen to your feedback, and use it to enhance our reporting.


5. A community for change

Our citizen-patrons won’t just be our donors. You’ll be our backbone, and therefore our first port of call in the development of the platform, story ideas, as well as the best ways to make the platform work, and improve what we do. You’ll be directly connected with our journalists through INSURGE‘s exclusive social network, INSURGERS, where we’ll be able to build a global community for system-change.